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Doppelganger magazine is an exclusively online journal based in Vancouver, BC. We are devoted to publishing lively, intelligent, and critical writing on visual art and literature. Specifically,we are interested in boundaries. What defines one thing in relation to another? From this question, we hope to explore a series of other questions. For example, what defines “good work”? What possible futures can criticism have? Then we hope to complicate these questions, however tacitly, by asking: how do two seemingly different practices—visual art and writing—correspond? As we imply in our tag line, it’s difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Doppelganger began in October 2005.


Aaron Peck is the author of the novel The Bewilderments of Bernard Willis. His art criticism and journalism have appeared in Arcade, Canadian Art, Fillip, Open Letter, Matador, and the CBC Radio 3 Magazine. He has also written for a number of exhibition catalogs including, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, the Surrey Art Gallery, and Presentation House Gallery. He currently teaches at Emily Carr University.

Adam Harrison is an artist, critic and curator. He has had, or has forthcoming, exhibitions at SPACE Gallery, Helen Pitt Gallery and the Belkin Satellite. His work is featured in the 'Open' issue of Ripe magazine, as well as in Carte Blanc, an anthology of contemporary Canadian photography. He currently runs CSA Space, an independent project gallery in Vancouver, BC., with Christopher Brayshaw and Steven Tong.


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