Public Works

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This month Doppelganger Magazine features an insert. Between the Fall of 2004 and the Spring of 2005, both Adam Harrison and I worked respectively as the Arts and Books editors at Terminal City, an alt weekly in the Vancouver. In many ways, Doppelganger is an extension of our discussions during that time—albeit without the restrictions of a commercial newspaper and a weekly deadline.

During the spring of 2005, four previous contributors at Terminal City decided to form a collective, loosely inspired by the now-defunct Seattle Research Institute. The idea was to create a collective dedicated to public research. It initially consisted of Bess Lovejoy, Joni Murphy, Anne Lesley Selcer and myself. We never could decide on a name. Three out of the four members no longer speak. Our first project was to create small, chapbook-sized anthology, collecting some of the writing that we, and others, wrote for Terminal City during Lovejoy’s term as editor. Our efforts failed, however, and the project, which was already laid out in InDesign, never materialized. If it weren’t for an email I received from Lesley a couple of nights ago, this anthology would have not seen the light of day.

And so this month Doppelganger Magazine offers an insert, a downloadable PDF, of an anthology edited by a collective that failed to cohere. Take a look. Enjoy. Hopefully it will continue to further public forums—in Vancouver or elsewhere.

– Aaron Peck